Wrecclesham History Project – Why we exist, who we are, and what we do.

Why?    Wrecclesham is one of the oldest villages in Farnham and has a long and interesting history. It is in danger of losing its identity and being swallowed up into Farnham. There are many people living in the village who have lived here most of their lives and have interesting stories to tell of what the village was like in what they think of as the ’Good Old Days’. Before it is too late it would be good to record these memories.

Our Origins     In 2007, at the Village Fete, part of an event called ‘Celebrating Wrecclesham’, a successful display of information about the History of the Village, based on the research of Pat Heather, and prompted by Audrey Jackman, was mounted by the Wrecclesham Village Society. The display attracted a great deal of interest. It was not until 2014 that another Village Fete was held, organised by the Church and the Recreation Ground Committee. It was decided that the history display should be resurrected and visitors were invited to indicate whether they would be interested in the formation of a Local History Group. There was a significant response and in October that year the inaugural meeting of the Wrecclesham History Project was held. The Project has now been in existence for seven years.   We meet each month, have an emailing list of well over 100 people and have attendances of around 50- 60 people at our meetings. The Project has benefited from contact with a similar project which has been running since 2008 in Hale, a similar village to the north of Farnham.

Our Meetings      Our meetings take place from 10:30am – 12:30pm on the morning of the second Saturday of each month, with the exception of August and January. The meetings take place in the Leverton Hall which is situated immediately behind St Peter’s church, in Beales Lane, Wrecclesham. The meetings take the form of an informal gathering, at which coffee and refreshments are served. At each meeting a particular theme of village interest is chosen, on which information displays and short talks are based. A briefing paper is prepared for each meeting and these are distributed to members and these are made available on this web site.

Our Purpose is to:

  • preserve memories of Wrecclesham as a clearly identifiable village and not just as a suburb of Farnham;
  • undertake studies of elements of Wrecclesham history e.g. schools, church, pottery, businesses;
  • establish a web site by which we will communicate with our membership, to record the results of our work and to inform interested parties of our activities;
  • publish results of our studies;
  • organise social activities for our members.