Name: The Wrecclesham History Project.


  • to preserve memories of Wrecclesham as a clearly identifiable village and not just as a suburb of Farnham;
  • to undertake studies of elements of Wrecclesham History, e.g. schools, church, pottery, businesses;
  • to establish a web site with which to communicate with our membership, to record the results of our work, and to inform other interested parties of our activities;
  • to publish results of our studies;
  • to organise social activities for our members.

Membership: Membership to be open to anyone interested in the History of Wrecclesham.

Meetings: Meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month with the exception of January and August.  Additional meetings may be scheduled.  An annual meeting will be held in October each year at which the report of the Committee and the Accounts will be presented.

Meeting place: The majority of meetings will be held in the Leverton Hall.  Occasional meetings may be held in other locations in the village, e.g. the Wrecclesham Pottery,St. Peter’s School, one of the Wrecclesham public houses.

Management:  The management of the Project will be vested in the hands of a minimum of six members as agreed by the membership at the first meeting of each year. The management committee consists of the four officers of the Project, listed below, plus two lay members.

Officers of the Project:  Officers of the Project will be:

  • Project Manager.
  • Treasurer.
  • Refreshment Coordinator.
  • Project Archivist.


  • It is the intention of the Project to cover its revenue costs from the sale of refreshments.
  • It will be for management to determine whether a subscription, or entrance charge to meetings, is necessary.
  • The management shall have the freedom to apply for grant aid to local authorities or other relevant grant giving bodies for items requiring capital funding.
  • Audited Accounts will be prepared and presented to the members at the annual meeting in October each year.

Banking: The Project will open a Bank Account and there will be two Cheque signatories, the Project Manager and the Treasurer.