Your Memories

Our records of the History of Wrecclesham can be informed by your memories.

However small the stories we gather will add significantly to our records.

Please include below any memories you might have of Wrecclesham and of your time in the village. (Please also give your name and contact details when making an entry in this section.)


4 thoughts on “Your Memories

  1. Phil Harris tells me you are interested in the Fairthorne Terrace area? I was born in the Terrace in 1951 my mother in 1918 and my grandmother in I think the 1880’s. In fact my mother lived nowhere else all her life and my grandmother for most of her life except the last 10 years or so. I have bits and pieces of info, sale details plans etc. If you are interested I will find what I have among my family history. Also a few pics of people who lived there, great grandparents etc.


    • Dear Phil
      Thank you for your comment on our web site. Sorry a reply has been slow in responding. We would love to have any information that you have for the Project’s Archives. Perhaps you would be kind enough to send this information to me at 1 Wicket Hill, Shortheath, Wrecclesham, GU104RD. If you want we can get information copied and send you back the originals. There has been a great deal of interest in Fairthorne Terrace and the Hatches and we would be pleased to have additional information. We would welcome any other memories you might have of Wrecclesham and your time living there. I expect that there are several people who come to the Project meetings that might remember you.
      With kind regards

      John Birch Project Director


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