Annual Reports

2018 has been our fourth full year since launching the Project in 2014. The Project has been well supported by members. We have held 10 meetings during the year all of which have been well attended.
We have managed to attract three outside speakers which has given your Project Leader a welcome break.

Our first meeting of the year was addressed by Roy Waight. Roy, a loyal supporter of the Project, is mostly concerned with matters relating to the History of our neighbouring village of Rowledge. His topic on this occasion was Alice Holt Forest and his ‘magic’ visual presentations are always well received.
This was followed by a second speaker whose topic was the History of the Aldershot and District Traction Company, ‘Tracco’.

We had hoped at the outset of the year to balance the Programme between outside speakers and contributions from members of the project. Wendy Maddox had agreed to talk to us about the Wilkinson family and Barry Eade had been ‘volunteered’ to talk about the Eade family. Sadly Wendy died in May.
Wendy had been a loyal supporter of the Project since its outset and she, with ‘Bel’ Stacey, had provided a superb online family history service. We miss them both, as Bel and Paul Stacey, who had travelled from Waterlooville each month, have found commitment both to the Hale and the Wrecclesham Project to be too demanding. We extend our deep sympathies to John Maddox and have been pleased to see him at some of our meetings later in the year. We hope that Paul and Bel will also find the time to visit us occasionally. Barry gave an interesting illustrated talk about the Eade Family in October which was much appreciated and confirmed that his family had been very active in Wrecclesham for over 150 years.

In October we had an excellent session on Weydon School. Many of our members are former scholars. This was followed up by a visit to the School attended by around 20 of our members. The School has recently undergone £13million worth of new facilities and we were privileged to be taken around by the Principal. Everyone was impressed by the improvements and the pleasant atmosphere in the classrooms which we visited.

I mentioned in last year’s report the excellent Historical Map of Wrecclesham that Peter Watkins had prepared. We have now got permission to erect two copies of the map in Wrecclesham, one in the Bus Shelter at the top of School Hill and one alongside the bus stop outside the Alms houses in the Street. We have had terrible bureaucratic problems with Waverley in trying to get permission to erect these in the Village. However, we have had great cooperation from Farnham Town Council who have agreed to pay for this initiative. We hope these maps will be erected in the next week or two.

John Birch, Project Co-ordinator